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#COETAILchat 5.8.16

#COETAILchat 5.8.16

Our May #COETAILchat was hosted by Philip with co-moderators Thomas, Vivian and Mr. D. Although it was a small chat (it was Mother’s Day in many countries), there was some great discussion around Digital Boundaries. Check out the Storify transcript below and feel free to keep chatting!

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It’s about Dialogue…Connection

I recently took part in an #edchat Tweetchat on blogging. The question posed was, “What purpose should blogs have in the life of an educator?” The conversation wove in many directions about the positive ways in which educators and students can use blogs to learn,...

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Watch This Space

My impressions from this first month of COETAIL inline cohort #2 have been pretty great. This is a really diverse group of educators. Our diversity is of course geographic, but more importantly it is in our experiences, in our training, in our education, and in our...

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More Ninja than Cookie

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Derek As I cruise through some of the first blog posts of our new Coetailers, there is a common theme running through many of them. People are saying they are overwhelmed by the amount of Technology in the world. They...

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Get In The Game

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Christian Weidinger Because to blog is to teach yourself what you think Shelly Blake-Plock - Why Teachers Should Blog When starting COETAIL back in 2011 one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was the idea of...

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How To Own Your Blog

Reflection is the cornerstone of all learning, and the weekly COETAIL readings and prompts are the essence of reflective learning. In fact, I feel so strongly that this is the superior way to learn, that I wrote a post last year comparing two online courses I was...

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