#coetailcon – a course 5 celebration


Stephanie Thompson had the fabulous idea to celebrate course 5 final projects through an academic online conference. The basic idea is a slow chat showcase of course 5 final projects in the form of conference papers (composed of 6 tweets). Any COETAILer, past or present, is invited to participate. Everyone is encouraged to engage in discussion and ask questions of the presenters. At the conclusion, Stephanie will publish the papers via Storify. Here are some examples of papers. See below for more information or check out her blog post.

Who: All COETAILers

What: A slow chat to showcase course 5 final projects

When: Now through Monday, May 18

Where: Twitter, use #coetailcon

How: Use 6 tweets to describe your course 5 project, don’t link to your blog post

Why: Challenge ourselves to “condense complex ideas down to their essence”

Some guidelines:

  1. Conference papers should be no more than 6 tweets in length, including a title tweet.

  2. Each tweet must be numbered 1-6 and use the hashtag #coetailcon.

  3. Tweets can link to images, short videos but can’t link to further written material (your course 5 blog post) unless it is for further reading or supporting material.

  4. Links should not be used to get around the 140 character limit. Challenge yourself!

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