Being a Coach

Thank you for your interest in the COETAIL coaching program. This program is envisioned of being a volunteer position where COETAIL graduates would have the opportunity to mentor active COETAIL members who are going through the program.

  • Currently enrolled in the COETAIL program and recommendation from your instructor
  • OR Graduate of the COETAIL program and instructors approval
  • Consider the course workload of the coach so that they are not overwhelmed.
  • Resume builder: Be able to put online coaching experience on your resume
  • Continue to learn, share, and reflect on your own practice
  • Give back to the web community
  • Increase your “branding” (I know we don’t like to call it that…but that’s what it is and it’s not a bad thing!)
  • Collaborate with other COETAIL Coaches
  • Expand your PLN
  • Invited to join the COETAILcast monthly hangout
  • Contribute monthly to a COETAIL Coaches blog (1 blog post a month)
  • Communicate with COETAILers who need help or seek you out for advice
  • Be active in the COETAIL social-networks (Twitter, Google+, etc)
  • Take part in COETAILcast Google Hangouts
  • Hold Monthly Google Hangouts for your time zones/region
  • Coaches names will appear on the Coaches blog with the time zones of the participants they support

Please fill out the form below to be consider as a COETAIL Coach. Once you fill out the form the Co-Founders and your Instructor will have a conversation based on the material you provide, your blog posts and overall skill level and understanding of the COETAIL program. We will then email you at the email address provided to us within the COETAIL system to let you know if you have been accepted or denied into the program.