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If you’re new or newish to Twitter, it’s time to dip your toes into Twitter chats. They are an excellent way to connect, learn, and expand your PLN.

There are hundreds of chats each month. Simply google “Education Chats” and in .40 seconds you get “About 22,400,000 results.”

A safe starting place is within the COETAIL community where we moderate a monthly chat on the last Sunday of each month. If you’ve got an idea for a #coetailchat, email or tweet one of the coaches and we’ll aim to make it happen.

If you want more information about education chats in general, theedublogger.com has a great overview here.

Last weekend we held a chat on the topic of “Life After Coetail.” We began with the hour and pitched it as a continuation as a slow chat for others to chime in throughout the week.

Once chats are complete the tweets can be curated via storify. You can see last weekend’s chat below: