After many months of helping new Coetailers and newbies on Twitter “figure out” twitter, I finally came out of my denial today, and admitted to myself that I am a twitter evangelist. Yes, I feel ashamed but the first step to recovery is to admit it.

“I am a Twitter Evangelist,” says I There are some prize web links and information that I love to share with newbie Twitters. I decided I might as well write a blogpost to collect all the links in the same spot.  Then in the future, I can just point them to this blogpost, instead of trying to tweet them out.

So, if you’re not Twitterpated yet, feel free to sip from the Kool-Aid below:

Tired of walking and want to Fly?

How Twitter has Made Me a New Teacher by Luke Dyer

Finding My People: How Kinderchat Saved my Career by Michelle Hiebert

Reinvent My What? Understanding the Point of a PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Engagement on Twitter Can Make You More Innovative, Says MIT [STUDY]

Lovebird wants to move the relationship to a higher level?

Twitter & Blogging: Happily Married by Jocelyn Sutherland @jocelynsutherland

You’re Admin and think this Twitter thing is for the Birds!

Tweeting Principal Energizes Staff and Students, while Engaging Parents

How Twitter Changed My Leadership and our School Culture


I’m convinced! How do I get my Wings?



Birds of Feather, Flock Together at Hashtags


#CoetailChat About #CoetailChat

#PYPChat #PYPChat Wiki


Link to Twitter Chat schedules

Your friends on Twitter are so flighty, sometimes you want to Tweet-Up with them!

Tweet-Up in Lake Geneva, Switzerland to flatten a Cat, no doubt!

Help! I’ve Twittered my Time Away!

Stages of PLN Adoption by Jeff Utecht @jutecht


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